Venezuelan medical workers are starting to receive wages from confiscated US funds

Those who earn $ 6 and 8 (Rp.88,000 and Rp.118,000) per month now have an account,

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan doctors have started receiving monthly payments of $ 100 (equivalent to R $ 1.47 million) with funds seized by the United States (US) government from President Nicolas Maduro’s government, said the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido.

“Those who earn $ 6 and $ 8 (Rp.88,000 and Rp.118,000) per month now have accounts,” Guaido said in a message via a social media broadcast.

He added that about 3,000 doctors and nurses received the funds.

Guaido’s media team said the first beneficiaries of the payments were medical workers in the areas most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The program is expected to reach around 62 thousand people, with payments through digital platforms.

Venezuela currently reports 50,973 cases of COVID-19 along with 412 deaths, according to official government data.

President Donald Trump’s administration declared last year that it did not recognize the Maduro administration and seized funds belonging to the Venezuelan government held in accounts in the United States.

In August, the U.S. Treasury Department approved the use of frozen funds to help Venezuelan doctors working on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 to survive the current economic crisis.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Information has yet to comment on the payments.

Guaido, whom some countries recognize as the legitimate president of Venezuela, announced plans to disburse funds from the Maduro government in the United States in May, but was unable to move forward pending permission from the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury United.

Source: Reuters

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