Unique, this student created a Watermelon video game: Thomas techno

A Singapore Marketing and Business Analysis student named Cedrick Tan went viral for playing the Pokémon Emerald game using a watermelon turned into a video game console. The video game console made of melon skin is called Melonboy.

The idea of ​​making a video game console using a watermelon box was originally realized as a joke for your family and friends. Unfortunately, the action taken by Tan really attracted the attention of many netizens who saw him.

“It started out as a joke that I tell friends and family. It seems like a very funny thing to bring to the public. The icing on the cake is greenish. When making Melonboy, I really saw a very large part of the melon that allowed me to put everything in easily ”, explained Tan, at the launch of Nextshark, Friday (04/09/2020).

Tan made it possible for Melonboy to run the Game Boy emulator through the Raspberry Pi 3 computer board after removing the pulp from inside the fruit. He then filled it with read-only memory (ROM) “Pokémon Emerald” and made it work using a power bank.

For the final touch, Tan drilled a hole in the watermelon to place the buttons, the 1.8-inch screen, speakers and other cables for the connection. Tan is having trouble with a damaged Raspberry Pi 3. As a result, he had to wait for a replacement to be sent, but in the end it took a month to complete the project.

“As an Information Systems student, I have no training in electrical engineering, so learning from the beginning takes a long time,” he continued.

Although the project is harmless, Tan was reported by someone who thought he was carrying a melon bomb. This happened after the teenager played Melonboy on the train.

“I was greeted by a depressed employee who ran down the escalator,” said Tan.

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The woman then realized that the watermelon was a video game console. After that, the woman asked Tan to show his work to colleagues at the train station office.

“I obeyed and followed him to the control station. There the SMRT team was very happy to see MelonBoy, I showed the content and the photos were taken,” said Tan.

Unfortunately, the video game console made of melons did not last long. However, Tan managed to create another unique work to be shown to people.

“Unfortunately, the original failed, it rotted four days after I posted my video on YouTube,” he concluded.