This is a line of games launched on the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros: Thomas techno

YEAR Nintendo is officially celebrating the 35th anniversary of the popular Super Mario Bros. game. As a celebration, through the presentation “Nintendo Direct” on Thursday, September 4, 2020, Nintendo announced two new gaming devices. These two devices are added to the list of special games after Nintendo’s partnership with LEGO and Monopoly.

If the partnership previously resulted in a cross-theme project, now Nintendo is really presenting the game itself. However, this Super Mario Bros game was made in a newer version and form.

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Coming this year, here are two new Super Mario devices that Nintendo will launch, as mentioned in, Sunday (06/09/2020):

1. Super Mario Kart Live: home circuit

In collaboration with Velan Studios, Nintendo brings Super Mario Kart to life in the real world. Players can race in multiplayer for the title. Everything is done digitally using augmented reality (AR) in collaboration with the Switch console and Mario Kart devices.

In general terms, this is similar to console cars in general, only more digital. Where Kart (his toy car) is equipped with a camera above the character of the driver. The Kart’s camera is in charge of capturing the images and transferring them to the Switch screen. So that the player’s location appears as if he had entered the game.

As for making racing circuits, players can organize at will using the circuit components available in the set. This includes four doors and two guides. In the meantime, items like boosters and drifts will appear on the screen like normal video games.

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Real-world Mario Kart racing around your house! Use the Nintendo Switch system to control your kart and see how it reacts to what happens in the game as you propel and turn to victory. Your home training comes to life on a screen with a view. right behind the driver’s seat, “wrote Nintendo on its website.

Launched on October 16, this game can be played with three other players – of course, each player needs their own Kart. With a set of devices consisting of a kart (Mario / Luigi), gate and road partition and a USB cable for charging.

2. Play and watch: Super Mario Bros

Unlike the Super Mario Kart, this device combines the concept of a digital clock and an old console that was launched in 1980. Where the clock screen works to show the time, as well as a color LCD screen. With the right and left sides equipped with a control panel and time buttons.

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Overall, the watch console is 67 mm high, 112 mm long and 12.5 mm deep. It is equipped with a lithium ion battery that can be recharged using an USB type AC cable and takes 3.5 hours. Thus, the battery of the watch console can support up to 8 hours of life.

Present as a celebration of Super Mario’s birthday, this device features several games, including Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, as well as Game and Watch: Ball, a special edition of Super Mario and Game and Watch : Super Mario Bros. Meanwhile, this device is scheduled to launch on November 13th.

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