The Secretary of State expressed concern about Britain’s “due diligence” policy

Editorial (Thomas) – Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi has expressed concern about politics due diligence or due diligence that the UK is preparing to enter a range of products from abroad.

That’s because the policy’s implementation plan will threaten Indonesia’s seven agricultural commodities, including palm oil, coffee, wood and wood products.

“I convey that a policy like this has the potential to become a non-tariff barrier for Indonesian exports to the UK,” said Retno, while informing the media from virtually London, after meeting with the British Foreign Minister. , Dominic Raab.

Therefore, Retno suggested that the two countries come together to discuss the possibility of joint recognition (mutual recognition) of each country’s policies regarding the sustainability of the supply chain (supply chain sustainability).

Policy due diligence it requires producers who are going to export their products to the UK to include information or some kind of certificate that proves that these commodities protect the ecosystem and are not planted on illegally cleared land.

If a manufacturer does not comply with these rules, the product may not be marketed in the UK or will be subject to fines if found to be infringing.

In fact, Britain is listed as Indonesia’s fourth largest trading partner for Europe and is at the top of the timber trade with Europe.

Therefore, when proposing mutual recognition, the Indonesian government hopes for a policy due diligence there is no need to do this and there is no need to restrict products from Indonesia to England.

In addition to discussing trade issues, the two foreign ministers discussed the interest of several British investors in doing business in Indonesia in the renewable energy sector.

At least three British companies have expressed a desire to invest in Indonesia, namely Aggreko, which plans its operations in Indonesia, from the supply of gas and diesel to the supply of solar PVs, and Orbital Marine Power, which plans to build projects . tidal turbinewhich will produce 10 MW of energy in eastern Indonesia, as well as Nova Innovation, which plans to build tidal turbine off the grid.

Vaccine collaboration
With Foreign Minister Raab, Foreign Minister Retno also discussed the cooperation in acquiring the Covid-19 vaccine that Indonesia is working with its partners, both bilaterally and multilaterally.

This collaboration was explored through a series of meetings conducted by the Indonesian delegation with the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca PLC, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparation Innovation (CEPI) and Imperial College London.

Bilaterally, Indonesia and the United Kingdom signed a memorandum of understanding on research and innovation partnerships last August and a MoU and an action plan on that. “Antimicrobial resistanceIn June.

In a multilateral way, the two countries share the same commitment to support initiatives led by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and CEPI under the Covid-19 Global Access Center for Vaccines ( COVAX) to ensure equal access against safe and affordable vaccines.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi (left) meets British Chancellor Dominic Raab (right) in London on Wednesday (10/14/2020). (Thomas / HO Australian Embassy in Editorial)

In particular, Foreign Minister Raab emphasized Britain’s commitment to global access to vaccines, including the announcement of a new £ 500 million (approximately Rp. 9.5 trillion) grant in aid. COVAX Advance Market Commitment, a facility to help 92 of the world’s poorest countries gain access to the coronavirus vaccine.

Meanwhile, for Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom has made a £ 1 million (about 19.1 billion rupees) commitment to ASEAN’s Covid-19 Response Fund.

The British Ambassador to Indonesia, Owen Jenkins, thanked the two countries for their strengthened cooperation in the areas of health, research and innovation.

“The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Indonesia have made clear an important fact that nothing is safe until everyone is protected from Covid-19, so vaccines must be accessible and accessible to all countries,” said Jenkins in a statement. British Embassy.

“I am delighted to see Indonesia’s efforts to collaborate with leading scientists at Imperial College London and host clinical trials — an invaluable service to the rest of the world. This collaboration is based on the already strong relationship between Indonesian researchers and the United Kingdom, through programs such as the Newton Fund. Together we can and are making progress, ”he said.

Reporter: Yashinta Pramudyani
Publisher: Ade P Marboen