The Lakers drew 1-1 with the Rockets in the Western Conference semifinals

Editorial (Thomas) – The Los Angeles Lakers drew 1-1 with the Houston Rockets in the NBA West semifinals, thanks to a 117 to 109 victory in the second game played at the AdventHealth Arena, near Orlando, on local Sunday or the morning of Monday WIB.

LeBron James and Anthony Devis played an important role in the Lakers’ victory as the two players contributed 62 points and 21 rebounds, Reuters records.

James was still close to sculpting double triple, with 28 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists.

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The Lakers did their best in the second half. They had a 21 point lead at the start of the second period, but struggled to prevent the Rockets’ revival before the game.

The Lakers beat the Rockets by 21 to 17 in the fourth quarter, losing 90 to 92 before winning by eight points.

James shot while turning to bring the Lakers into the lead 117-109 with 32.3 seconds remaining.

The pace of the fourth quarter in this match is the opposite of what happened in the first game, when the Rockets moved away from the Lakers in the last quarter to guarantee a double-digit victory.

The Rockets’ revival effort in the third quarter was triggered by a three-point shot. Houston made nine of the 13 three-point attempts.

This included Robert Covington’s four-point play to narrow the Lakers’ gap to 80-79 with 5:07 remaining in the fourth, and another three-point throw from Covington to give the Rockets an 80-82 lead.

Overall, the Rockets beat the Lakers 41-23 in the third quarter and led by five points.

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But James started the fourth quarter with a dunk to make him 92-92 equally strong. Less than two minutes later, Rajon Rondo put the ball in to give the Lakers a 96-94 lead before Alex Caruso took the lead. alley-oop slam dunk. That sequence of points increased to 23-9, with Davis’ momentum giving the Lakers an advantage of 113-101 with four minutes to go.

In that game, the Lakers had a 56.6 percent shooting success. They also scored 27 points in 17 Rockets spins.

Davis wears style micro-ball Rockets throughout the game, scoring 34 points in various ways. Substitute Markieff Morris contributed 16 points.

James Harden ended the game with 27 points and seven assists. Eric Gordon scored 24 points, including six successes out of 12 three-point shots.

PJ Tucker accumulated a total of 18 points and 11 rebounds. Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook only managed to insert four of his 15 strokes and made seven turns.

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Reporter: Rauf Andar Adipati
Publisher: Fitri Supratiwi