The Google Maps update shows countries with the highest Covid-19 cases: Thomas techno

JAKARTA – Google is reportedly working to add detailed information related to the Covid-19 case by region or country. The information will be visible through the Google Maps update.

Reported Bgr, Google will rely on information from a variety of crawlers that monitor the spread of the virus worldwide and display the largest number of Covid-19 cases in certain countries.

The information will be visible, indicating whether the number of cases is increasing or decreasing in a given area.

The information will be available at a glance and can prevent the virus from spreading, as some may choose to postpone their trip to areas of the world where the coronavirus outbreak occurred.

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Google has yet to announce the Google Maps feature, but Jan Won took a screenshot of the app that shows how this new feature works. The leak found images showing the corona virus layer reaching Google Maps.

Once activated, this layer will transmit information about the outbreak on the map. State and country boundaries will be highlighted, and Google will list the number for each state or country and report whether the number of cases is decreasing or increasing.