The first time I took the swab test, Jojo: it’s uncomfortable

Editorial (Thomas) – Pebulu men’s individual badminton, Jonatan Christie, admitted that he felt uncomfortable when he had to undergo a smear test for the first time on Friday at PBSI Pelatnas Cipayung in eastern Editorial.

“It is uncomfortable when I rub my nose from left to right, as if someone is going straight to the head. The cotton swab in the throat is also uncomfortable, ”said Jonatan, quoted on the official PBSI website, Friday.

However, the man who is familiarly called Jojo admits that he can still endure this discomfort for health reasons.
together in the Cipayung Selection.

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“Between the swab on the nose and the throat, the nose is more uncomfortable. But that’s okay, for the health and safety of all of us, the discomfort can be endured, ”said Jojo.

Meanwhile, the 22-year-old assessed that the swab test was very important in determining whether the athlete was infected with COVID-19 or not.

He also expects the test results to be negative, as are other athletes on the PBSI national board. In addition, he also wanted the smear test to be performed regularly so that the athlete’s condition could be monitored continuously.

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“This swab test is good, so you can find out what kind of condition the athlete is in, and it should be done regularly. Based on today’s smear test, I expect all athletes to be negative. If something is positive, hopefully, medical measures can be taken immediately, as well as to contain its spread, “said Jojo.

PP PBSI carried out a swab test among the athletes of the Cipayung team on Friday (9/4). Previously, PBSI had conducted regular rapid tests at Pelatnas Cipayung four times this year, starting from March to July.

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Reporter: Rr. Cornea Khairany
Publisher: Fitri Supratiwi