Researchers develop artificial skin that can feel pain: Thomas techno

RESEARCHERS at RMIT University he developed a new electronic artificial skin for robots. This artificial skin reacts to pain, just like real leather in humans.

Quoted from Slashgear, Tuesday (08/09/2020), the researchers said that the electronic prototype of the device can mimic the way human skin feels pain. The skin will mimic the human feedback response.

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The ability to respond to painful sensations at a rapid rate can be used by the nerves to send signals to the brain. Pain is an essential method that humans use to help prevent damage that can lead to death.

Meanwhile, this artificial skin can react immediately to pressure, heat or cold when the pain threshold is reached. In addition to the pain detection prototype, the team is also developing a device that uses extensible electronics to detect and respond to changes in temperature and pressure.

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The researchers also say that this development should be used in the future for non-invasive skin grafts, after traditional methods have failed or have failed.

Artificial skin uses an extensible electronic device that combines a biocompatible oxide and silicone material to create a transparent, unbreakable, easy-to-wear electronic device, as thin as an adhesive.

A temperature-reactive coating that is 1,000 times thinner than human hair is used based on the material that changes in response to heat.

The brain’s resources that simulate memory use electronic memory cells, mimicking the way the brain uses long-term memory to remember and store previous information.

Then, the pain sensor uses all three layers. While other propotypes use only one.

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