Quran and science explain the role of plants on Earth: Thomas techno

TO PLANT there are so many on Earth that humans cannot count. The existence of these plants certainly provides very important functions and benefits, both for the environment and for other living beings.

In the book ‘Thematic Tafsir Alquran on Environmental Preservation’ compiled by Lajnah Pentashihan Mushaf Alquran, the Research and Development and Training Agency of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia reveals the functions and benefits of plants.

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It was explained that plants function as a food source. This is explained in the holy book Quran Surah Abasa Verses 24–32.

“So, let the man pay attention to his food. In fact, we actually pour water (from the sky), so we separate the Earth as best we can, then we grow the grains on the earth, grapes and vegetables, olives and dates, gardens (dense ), and fruits and grass, for your enjoyment and for your livestock. “(Surat Abasa: 24-32).

These ten verses reveal the types of food provided to living beings on Earth. There are several phases that pass until finally man and animals obtain food that makes them live and grow, namely the rain that splashes the Earth and the cracking of the soil when the plants start to appear.

In addition, the release of seeds and fruits produced by plants and pastures where animals are grazed. Human food is obtained directly from plants or indirectly from animals and their products that grow and develop by eating plants.

Then there are some animals that do not eat plants directly, but the meat that also comes from animals that eat plants.

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In an ecosystem, a living being’s source of food comes from other creatures. For example, mice eat rice that later becomes snake food. Except plants, no creature can produce its own food from nature without the contribution of other creatures.

Plants have chloroplasts so they can make their own food (autotrophic). Each creature survives by eating other living things, just like humans.

This eating-eating process is called the food chain. The food chain will always rotate and will not stop. Even the largest and strongest creatures in the food chain, for example snakes, still connect the food chain where the animal’s carcass will become a mineral element in the soil.

In humans, food sources come from plants and animals. The sources that come from plants are called plant sources, while those from animals are called animal sources.

From plants, foods contain various ingredients, such as vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, as well as vegetable protein content. Meanwhile, from animals, humans can benefit from animal fat and protein.

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