Prophet Isa suddenly becomes a trend topic, this is Warganet’s answer: techno Thomas

VERDICT Prophet Isa has suddenly become the number 1 trending topic on Twitter on social media today. Many internet users also wonder what is wrong?

Prophet Isa has been known to occupy the top position on Twitter trending topics since Monday morning. Many Internet users associate it with the pandemic status of the corona virus (covid-19), whose numbers are currently increasing. Then there are those who link the prophet Isa’s trend topic with the end times.

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Until this news was given, Monday (07/07/2020), there were 3,120 tweets about the Prophet Isa. Most wrote about the order of immediate repentance. Especially the situation in the midst of this global disease outbreak.

“See the tendency of the Prophet Isa, immediately self-panic regret, but 5 minutes later he was immoral again. Who is he?” write a Twitter account @aingprincess.

“Why is the prophet Isa becoming a trend? What do you want to get down to?” said @denddyfh.

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“Terribly, this is a trend topic. Prophet Isa al Masih and (Samiri) ad-Dajjal al-Masih. Is this a sign that awareness of the signs of the end times is growing stronger in this country?” tweeted @AlphaZenyth.

“Because of the many stories of the Prophet Isa and Imam Mahdi, there really will be at the end of time, to fight against Dajjal. Therefore, a battle between good and bad people. In Java, the name is known as satrio piningit. But today, slanders of Dajjal and its colonies already exist. the world “, wrote @andriandinoraa.