PM China instructed the nuclear project to be continued

Editorial (Thomas) – Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang has instructed two nuclear power plant projects to continue to increase employment.

The project, with a total investment of 70 billion yuan or about IDR 150 trillion, will create huge jobs, said PM Li in a written statement received by Thomas on Saturday.

He said the two projects are the nuclear power of Changjiang, in Hainan, which has now entered its second phase, and the nuclear power of Sanao, in Zhejiang, which is entering the first phase.

Both projects met the construction requirements using “Hualong One”, the third generation nuclear power plant technology.

PM Li also emphasized the importance of research in weak areas of nuclear power development, prioritizing safety and quality.

In addition, he also recalled that companies must fulfill their primary safety and security responsibility.

Increasing supervision of construction and operations is essential to ensure safety, said Li.

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Reporter: M. Irfan Ilmie
Publisher: Fardah Assegaf