One year of operation, Twitch Sings will end: Thomas techno

JAKARTA – Twitch is a popular streaming platform. Not just for streaming games, at the beginning of last year this platform launched a new feature called ‘Sings’. Created by Rock Band Harmonix, ‘Sings’ aims to be a creative karaoke platform.

Unfortunately, through uploads to the web page, Twitch stated that the platform will be officially closed on January 1, 2021. However, data cleaning will start this year on December 1. With that, all videos in the form of uploads, highlights and clips – individual and in a duet – will gradually disappear from the platform. For users to back up data before cleaning is complete.

“This community inspired us with their talent and passion, and we thank you all for what you gave to Twitch Sings. On December 1st, we will start deleting Sings videos and clips in accordance with our contractual obligations, and on January 1st the games will stop working. All past broadcasts, uploaded videos, highlights and Twitch Sings clips will be deleted until January 1, 2021, “wrote Twitch on the web page.

When launching Eurogamer, Twitch Sings is a new breakthrough that was presented two years ago at TwitchCon 2018. However, this interesting idea ended up failing to compete in the market. Given that, after its launch in April 2019, this feature did not achieve the expected success. So far – one year after its launch – Twitch Sings has only 161,182 followers with 910 viewers.

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Although not as popular, it is clear that removing the ‘Sings’ feature is quite disappointing news. Eurogamer reports, some fans expressed their disappointment through the Reddit page for Twitch Sings. Some argue that this feature is something that is helping brands overcome difficult times – roadblocks – in the midst of the COVID pandemic19.

“… I will miss singing, meeting many good friends through this application”, wrote the redditor of LettesPlay.

“… I will not lie, I was very depressed during the pandemic. Twitch Sings and my friends were the only saviors. I am currently in shock. This cannot be the end, ”wrote a editor named Jarl_of_reddit.