Microsoft presents animated GIF on Windows 10 keyboard

FOR Fans of emojis and animated GIFs will find them on Windows 10. Microsoft will release some significant changes to the integrated touch keyboard in Windows 10.

The updated touch keyboard design features new keystroke animations, sounds, animated GIFs and all the search features.

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Launch from The Verge, Thursday (09/03/2020), Microsoft called WonderBar for Windows 10X. The new Windows 10 design also includes an improved layout optimized for typing, as well as the ability to move the cursor inward using the space bar on a touch keyboard.

This update is similar to the way that iOS works by placing your finger on the space bar and swiping left, right, up and down to navigate. Microsoft is also updating the emoji tools in Windows 10.

The emoji tools, which are activated when you press the winkey + dot, immediately include a new and refined design based on Microsoft’s Smooth Design system. Users can enjoy emoji search, animated GIF support and clipboard history convergence or emoji input in an interface.

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In addition to improvements to the keyboard and emojis, Microsoft has also announced a new Windows dictation feature. Called Voice Typing, the voice-to-text interface combined with Windows has been completely overhauled.

Users will also enjoy features with a more modern design, automatic punctuation and an updated backend that Microsoft promises to make it “the most reliable voice typing experience on Windows”.

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Windows 10 keyboard. (Photo: The Verge)