EU trade talks stalled, Brexit may be left without agreement

We have been deliberating for six months and we can no longer discuss a plan that has been discussed so much. We need to see the European Union be more realistic about our status as an independent nation

LONDON (Thomas) – Britain has started a new round of trade negotiations on Brexit and has warned the European Union (EU) that the United Kingdom is stepping up preparations to leave the group of European nations without an agreement.

Brexit, or separation of Britain from the European Union, is likely to continue without an agreement after the two sides clash over the terms that govern nearly $ 1 trillion in trade.

Britain leaves the European Union on January 31, but negotiations on trade terms have made little progress.

In the meantime, time is running out, namely in October for a new agreement and in late December for a status quo transition agreement.

Diplomats are trying to assess whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson is bluffing or serious in allowing a tumultuous end to Brexit, a topic that has been going on for four years.

Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost, said again that his country was not afraid to leave the EU without an agreement.

“We have been in negotiations for six months and we can no longer discuss a plan that has been much discussed. We need to see the European Union being more realistic about our status as an independent country,” said Frost.

“If they can’t be like that in the very limited time left, we will negotiate in terms like the EU did with Australia and increase our preparations for the end of the year.”

The European Union warned Britain on Monday that its international reputation as a pillar of the West will be tarnished.

The EU also warned the country that there would be no trade agreement after the Financial Times reported that London could weaken its Withdrawal Agreement signed in January.

European diplomats said Britain was playing with Brexit, threatening to stop the process and challenging Brussels to commit first.

Others, however, fear that Johnson might see Brexit without a deal as a useful distraction to distract the public from the coronavirus crisis.

The final round of negotiations in London must be difficult. Britain says the EU cannot understand that it is now an independent state.

The group of European nations, tired of fears and disputes over Brexit, said they needed information specific to London.

The EU also said that Britain cannot make its own rules and has preferential access to its markets.

Without an agreement, trade and financial relations between Britain – the sixth largest economy in the world – and the European Union – its largest trade group – would disintegrate.

The situation is likely to spread chaos between markets and companies.

Source: Reuters

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Translator: Tia Mutiasari
Publisher: Fardah Assegaf