Circling a message like checking wiretaps on the cell phone, these are the facts: Thomas techno

Recently, rumors or false messages have been circulating about how to check cell phone (HP) listening. Information is circulating through the WhatsApp short messaging app.

He says that someone can check if his cell phone is tapped or not by typing # 21 #.

The content of the hoax or fake message is:


Colleagues, be careful with the possibility of wiretapping our cell phone numbers.

You can check now on your own phone by typing:

# 21 #

Then press / tap the Call button

Then, there will be a response bringing the screen:

Voice: Not routed

Data: Not approved

Fax: Not forwarded

SMS: not forwarded

Package: Not routed

PAD: Not being continued

Sync: Not forwarded

Out of sync: not being forwarded

If there are any that have been forwarded, you can be sure that your number has been bugged !!!

To turn off all rings, press ## 002 # yes

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The explanation of this hoax message is clarified with a statement from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics through its official website. As Thomas quoted on, Wednesday (9/9/2020), it was explained that this category of information was Hoax.

“The fact is that combination # 21 # is actually used to activate call forwarding or call forwarding. This feature will divert incoming calls to the main number if they cannot be reached ”, explained the Ministry of Communication and Information.