Boy William enthusiastically guides the Reality Talent Search sports event: Thomas techno

“Wow, this first fight is going to be very intense! The more exciting the point is “

As a fan games Mobile Legends, Boy William was very excited when he organized the Esports Star Indonesia event. Often, the expression on the boy William’s face seemed so influenced by the emotion of the competition. Especially on Saturday Match debut between Blue Rhinos and Red Tigers.

Match The Esports Star Indonesia debut will certainly be dominated by several dramas, Boy William also admitted that he was looking forward to the performance of Team Blue Rhinos & Team Red Tigers. How not, trainer Marsha and trainer Wizzking of Blue Rhinos and trainer Nyoong and trainer Emperor of the Red Tigers really broke their heads to win the opponent’s strategy.

At the Match In this inaugural, there will be a captains selection session that is certainly not arbitrary and for many reasons.

“I need a captain who is really confident,” said coach Marsha.

The position of captain has the opportunity to suggest strategies and also to manage his teammates during Match, of course, with suggestions and contributions from each – each Coach. To guarantee the quality of the match, coach Marsha, coach Wizzking, coach Nyoong and coach emperor do not act to guarantee the perfection of their team.

But … whose strategy is really proven to lead the team to victory? What would the Red Tigers and Blue Rhinos look like to win? Watch Esports Star Indonesia every Saturday at 7:00 pm WIB only on GTV!