Boris Becker called disqualification the worst moment of Djokovic’s career

Editorial (Thomas) – Novak Djokovic’s shocking disqualification from the United States Open on Sunday (local time) or Monday morning WIB after hitting the ball at the line judge was the most difficult moment of his career, said the former – Serbian technician Boris Becker.

World number one has been declared pattern while losing 5-6 in the first set against Pablo Carreno Busta, after a frustrated ball he scraped hit a female official straight in the throat, causing him to suffocate.

“I am as surprised as anyone. Novak and I have known each other for a long time. We call each other family,” said Becker, who is now an analyst at the Eurosport television station. “This is perhaps the most difficult moment of his entire professional life. He broke the rules, the decision was right.”

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Djokovic, a favorite to win his fourth US Open title, was irritated after failing to convert three set points and then fell, demanding maintenance on his shoulder.

The 33-year-old, who was trying to win her 18th Grand Slam with two titles from Roger Federer, was defeated by the Spaniard 5 to 5.

“Thank God, no one else, no spectators, but he has a habit of hitting the ball sometimes in the stands. Frustration is growing,” said Becker.

“The ball was hit in the direction of the line judge’s neck, he fell back and was having trouble breathing. That was accidental, he didn’t want to hit the line judge, but he hit the ball and that’s the rule. That it’s difficult.”

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Djokovic spent 12 minutes defending his opinion, but ended up walking away and it was clear that he was suffering from what had happened.

“Perhaps leaving the field at the end was the most difficult moment in Novak Djokovic’s career,” said Becker, a former US Open champion. “He’s at his best, undefeated this year, on his way to winning his 18th Grand Slam. Now he’s going home.”

Becker then said that the US Open would have a new champion.

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Reporter: Jafar M Sidik
Publisher: Irwan Suhirwandi