Apple delays new privacy features on iOS 14, this is why: Thomas techno

APPLE postponing the new privacy features that will be applied to iOS 14. Previously, Apple intended to implement these features on iOS 14 later this year.

Quoted from The Verge, Friday (04/09/2020), the privacy setting feature will force developers to ask the user for permission to collect data and track it on mobile apps and websites on the iPhone and iPad.

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Apple said the technology must be able to protect the user’s basic right to privacy. This means that companies can provide users with tools to understand which applications and websites can share their data with other companies for advertising purposes, as well as tools to revoke permissions to track them.

When a rule is enabled, system commands will give the user the ability to allow or deny coupling based on the application. With this delay, the company gave developers time to make the necessary changes.

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As a result, the requirements to use this tracking license will take effect early next year. Apple is not necessarily at war with the digital and mobile advertising industry, but its privacy feature is one of the most aggressive developer policy changes from iPhone makers recently introduced.